Coyote Scramble Ultras

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Kingdom Trails, East Burke, VT

Updates -- The Players

Finis fer '17...  SO many memorable snapshots flitting thru the brain from Coyote Week, these few pics below mere hints of all the frivolity found on 'n off dirt.  those who played, throw up some shots of your own on your fave social platform; those who lurked, well, maybe link w/ someone who was there and permit them to command a few minutes of your time while s/he regales you with their own exploits.  with each offering, somehow the entertainment value ratchets up another couple notches.  perhaps most serendipitous: choosing a "Let's Make a Deal" format for dispensing bowling prizes, on that eve learning that famed emcee Monty Hall just that day jumped into the big box in the sky.  Thanks, Monty, for the inspiration!!

Palpable Anxiety Abounds?

I'll take Door #3, Monty... 

Costume Day!!

Peepadilla as Power Food

C2M'ers double as guardians for the feeble

Paradise resides around each bend in the trail, with no shortage of diversions 'n oddities to attack or titillate the senses...  Happy Trails, Kids!!


Sept 18th - (Happy Birthday, Sir Reggie!!)  body count now stable (tho perhaps not all runners?); goodies (some actually so, others not quite so much, all of it worthy of museum display) amassed for either stuffing in runner bags upon their arrival (oh, treasures unparalleled from other running venues!!) or reserved for special performances (on 'n off dirt) throughout the weekend; minimal but effective support network confirmed to assist runners' attempts to bag miles to brag about later; and entertainment (real and perceived, the latter w/in the realm of attending entrants) anxious to display talent.  see y'all REAL soon!!!


Aug 25th - (Happy Birthday, Glynda!!) that apparel option explosion done occurred already, with spiff items gathering in Patagonia's warehouse and on the road by Monday, and bowling shirts already arriving in small parcels via UPS/FedEx.  Scramble weekend's program done found a way out of draft into final today, too, so that literary masterpiece is now confusing the hell outta more than a couple readers.  the roster has grown a bit, two Vets and one quasi-Vet (plunked $$ down 2 years ago, finally getting work release to play this year).  and we're about to go watch the Red Neck Competition at the Caledonia County Fair - yup'ers, it's a FINE day in the NorthEast Kingdom!!

Aug 10th - (Happy Birthday, Herb!!) apparel options email about to explode out to the masses, which in some inboxes may land as duds, in others as timely motivation to git wit the program.  'nuther handful of nicks added to the roster, with good spread across 'Murica (CA, UT, NC, more locals).  and finalizing details with local infrastructure so's when you show up, all ya need do is get your shoes dirty during daylight and find your pillow at night.  well, ok, maybe we won't cater THAT much to your needs, but maybe there's a surprise or two awaiting you...   of course, you've visited the Creativity page to see the competition for cool prizes, yes?

July 19th - (Happy Birthday, Sir Neville!!) we're squeaking towards that milestone of ordering spiff apparel for this year, and entrants keep squeaking onto the roster.  perhaps those (justifiably) hanging onto cash until the last minute will swamp us nigh two weeks from now.  too, perhaps those Vets intend to submit their entries alongside the rookies they're recruiting.  y'all appreciate the value of (naive) fresh meat to the game...

July 4th - (Happy Birthday, 'Murica!!) Kinda like a persistent leaky faucet, entries continue to dribble in (good that we don't have a fire hose's stream), by this update a couple vets plus some fresh meat (from which expectations of entertainment value rise), and of comparably high value, a couple returning Vols (Goombah Sochard and our web maestro Anstr 'n sidekick Brenda).  Let the fireworks excite your day!! 

Anstr and Brenda get intel before heading to Mkt Cafe station

June 20th - (Happy Birthday, Sheila!!) Bodies loading onto the train as it ambles out of the station, with our First Ten list now in print and those kids racking up BM's for their early commitment.  Note the last 4 hail from west of the Mithithippi, which from this far east, somewhat qualifies us as international even before Buford sends in his "yes, yes, yes, I'll be there!!" confirmation (he misses the donuts?).  Onward to the weekend...

June 10th - (Happy Birthday, Tim!!) For all the cajoling and whining to at least get Scramble-hungry folks to make accommodations reservations for the popular Leeeeeaf Peeeeeper season, and for those hungry for Bonus Miles to throw their entries to the Buffoon, we've slithered up to the point of disclosing those who've committed this far out. List to your right (screen's left) reflects order of entry, with FeatherFoot collecting the largest chunk of available BM's for early entry (10 count, 2 to go...), dispatching her moolah more than a month in front of TwinkleToez. Tho not yet available for display, the Two Moon Players page will show TT's capture of 1st entry there, too, thus padding his BM count by signing up for a full week's worth of dirt abuse... Train has left the station, folks, building steam. All aboard!!