Coyote Scramble Ultras

September 29 - October 1, 2017
Player Creativity


For those hungry for Bonus Miles, we offer the opportunity -- beyond just Talent Night and Bowling -- to spew creativity all over their entry forms.  (Put another way, those who opted out to express creativity on his/her application risk earning Boner Miles...)  On this page you'll find a variety of talent -- and a cue into the minds of those with whom you'll share dirt (be wary?) -- that entrants at Scramble will grade towards distribution of said BM's.  Artists' names are purposely excluded, to avoid bias before voting, tho once we finish Scramble, results will be disclosed here.  


sat in the front row of every class in every grade

did this entry require adult signature?

probably doesn't eat Fruity Pebbles

sat in the back row of American Lit in 9th grade







Another Sample of Adult Art Talent