It's a Coyote thing... not a race, more a rambling run-centric party (with Coyote-brand hospitality/awards) on the spectacular single track of the Kingdom Trails.

Play options: Limit of 90 (+ 25 for Option 3 only), with Coyote Veterans (and their newbies) having first shot to fill those slots until March 1st, after which anxious lurkers can squeeze thru the portal. Option (1) Consume all 3 days on the trails + 3 meals + Bowling + Tritium Well entertainment on Saturday night + a nifty Patagonia pullover + all the nifty hospitality; Option (2) Option 1 above minus Sunday's run/hospitality minus Sunday's meal; or Option (3) Just Saturday cuz we're the best trail game in town that weekend but you're not that fired up yet for THAT much Coyote stuff, but you'll still get a pullover (you'll pay extra for Saturday eve meal/entertainment + Patagonia jacket). No, you can't run just Friday or just Sunday.

Thanks to the Kingdom Trails Association

Apparel Plus-Up: the optional shwag menu will include a good, retro bowling shirt and a Patagonia jacket for the style-sensitive goofballs among you. Details and option prices available by the time the applications appear.

Option (4): More Miles on non-Kingdom Trails dirt on Wed/Thur!! available only to Vets and their invitees (and still subject to the Buffoon vetting), because for some people outside a 200 mile radius, traveling to a smidge below Cananadada for a measly 2.5 days and less than 100 miles isn't enough tease (Buford the penultimate exception).

Speaking of Bonuses, Coyote events also involve the liberal distribution of bonus/boner miles for extraneous wandering, other evidence of stellar performance (yes, the entertainment shtick), and generally sucking up to Vols -- 2014/2015 results reflect such adjustments. The boner opportunities also serve to disabuse the highly competitive from thinking that just because they're zippy, they de facto deserve top dog recognition. (It's a party, not a race!!) Another Coyote tradition that more than a handful of very accomplished runners have earned enough boner minutes to drop significantly in the official standings (a recognition that UltraSignup doesn't filter) to reveal less than spectacular results for one's performance resume. To the positive side of this silliness, returning Vets garner instant bonus miles just for entering; the more you play (well), the more BM's you'll earn!!

Because Coyote "official" results rarely mirror runners' reality on the dirt and because the curmudgeonly Buffoon rather likes the more interactive communication that the online registration format usually can't provide w/o charging additional fees for the privilege of said interaction, we retreat to former days of a (mostly) paper communication format for registration -- you send email to buffoon(at); you'll get digital App; you'll print hardcopy and send App + $$ via snailmail. Once the Buffoon approves your App (translate: your $$ gets deposited and your App isn't otherwise rejected for the right reason (Buffoon logic always in doubt)), we'll begin a series of e-mail exchanges + website posts leading up to the party itself. Hey, it saves YOU $$ that gets diverted into hospitality.

Special Note on Lodging: the Kingdom Farm is such a gem, of course we're staging from there Fri-Sun; details on reservations for space will be included once the App goes live. As for all other lodging opportunities, we're researching other nearby "group house" options, to keep the "cozy together" theme alive, but we'll also have comments on other available accommodations.

Entry Cutoffs: May 15th if'n you want a jacket and/or pullover; June 15th is absolute cutoff (no event day sign-ups) without change in price tag despite no promise of a pullover.

Cautiously curious? Sneak up on that skunk with a little research on Coyote non-events or pester a veteran -- guarantee their stories will ring truer in your ears than my skewered words... See you on the dirt!!

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