It's a Coyote thing... not a race, more a rambling run-centric party (with Coyote-brand hospitality/awards) on the spectacular single track of the Kingdom Trails.

Coyote LogoWe're SO many moons from next October to be THAT organized yet for registration, much less conjuring what the party will look like. Hence, if you're starting to drool over the chance to play, rein it in, sport, and come back later in the Spring, if not Summer, for an update. We refuse to get sucked into the "me, now, me, now!!" anxiety that other events' RD's adhere to for garnering registrants well in advance of needed revenue. (Any of you get paid 6 months or more in advance of the promise for services rendered?) The rough agenda as we hope it may play out...

Play options: We're still dinking w/ volume tolerance, but no, we don't want 4000 entrants, nor 400 (and may be lucky to even get 40?). TBD, but don't expect a lot of room ("pant, pant" re the aforementioned drooling...), with priority given first to those who've suffered this silliness in prior years, plus their invited and cajoled guests. Past a specific TBD cutoff date, the awaiting masses (NTE 400,000 of 'em) can scramble for the TBD remaining slots.

Thanks to the Kingdom Trails Association

Entry Fee: you betcha, but we're a few moons away (this, crafted late December) from that decision. Since we're not a profit-driven endeavor, our aim is to provide as much value as your entry $$ will permit our staff of 63 purchasing agents and arm-benders to squeeze from available resources.

[no Apparel Plus-Up (yet)]
[no Option 4 (yet)]
Speaking of Bonuses, Coyote events... BM's you'll earn!!

Registration: Because Coyote "official"... format for registration. (1) you send email to buffoon(at) (but do NOT do that until this page shows that Registration is open - send an email prematurely, and IF you're accepted, you'll automatically have Boner Miles in your account). (2) you'll get digital App. (3) You'll print hardcopy and send...

Special Note on Lodging: While Burke Mountain Lodge will serve as central lodging and entertainment site, we'll look at other available lodging that's nearby yet not 532 football fields away. This, too, will be defined before we near the date for opening registration. As you web search for other lodging without relying on us as initial filter, feel free to ask for our input before deciding (who knows, what you find may be 1579 football fields away).

Entry Cutoffs: yes, we'll have 'em, but since the doors ain't even open yet, advertising when they close is putting the heart before the coarse, putting on your soothes before your shocks, and other idiomatic contortions to the theme.

Cautiously curious? Sneak up on that skunk with a little research on Coyote non-events or pester a veteran -- guarantee their stories will ring truer in your ears than my skewered words... See you on the dirt!!

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