Coyote LogoIt's a Coyote thing... not a race, more a rambling party (with Coyote-brand odd awards/hospitality) on the spectacular single track of the Kingdom Trails. After two years' prelude, we migrate to a three day party: Friday afternoon warm-up miles, Saturday as repetition of earlier 2 years, Sunday as shorter distorted mirror of Saturday, with bowling and other entertainment (you, central player in same) betwixt the running. Suggested/mapped routes of 40'ish/30'ish/20'ish miles for Saturday and Sunday (less for Sunday), with time cutoffs so you'll finish within allotted 12 hour scramble limit. Single digit for Friday's warmup.

Thanks to the Kingdom Trails Association

Bonus minutes/miles for extraneous wandering and other evidence of stellar performance (yes, the entertainment shtick) -- check the 2014 results to gain hint of those twists. The bonus opportunities also serve to disabuse the highly competitive from thinking that just because they're zippy, they de facto deserve top dog recognition. (It's a party, not a race!!) As example, Justin Angle has already earned bonus miles for 2015 for his blog post of 2014's Scramble, as have all other returning Coyote veterans, just for showing up for more abuse and embarrassment. Go figure!!

Play options: you can run (a) just Saturday; (b) Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday; or (c) all three days. No, you can't run just Friday or just Sunday. Limit of 100 for just Saturday, 75 for multiple day participation, with priority for slots given to the gluttons for multiple days. For all the available configurations and hospitality opportunities, the price likely will swing between $35-135 (details to be worked out before Apps available). Wanna come play and "earn" veteran status? Read on...

The very curmudgeonly Coyote Buffoon eschews (gesundheit!) many things digital in favor of somewhat uncomplicated and printed creativity, the obvious exception these digitally generated words preferred over his incredibly indiscernible penmanship and presented on the web thru the skill of someone with digital adeptness. To that end, you'll find but 3 (mostly static) pages on this website: this Home page, Players (current year's list of suckers) and Results (2014's in place until we can add with 2015 predictions). About as exciting as the compost pile out back. However, since the Buffoon and his volunteers will do a bundle of work to make your days memorable, as compensation, you'll have to do more than just throw your money at the game and show up. Specifically, if you want to play, you'll send an e-mail to buffoon(at) and he'll give you instructions to send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to receive, yes, you guessed it, a paper entry form. Once your completed entry form is returned to the Buffoon, along with your non-rubber check/cash/money order, you'll begin a series of e-mail exchanges leading up to the party itself.

Cutoffs: May 1st if'n you want a T; May 24th is absolute cutoff (no event day sign-ups)

Cautiously curious? Tug on that cat's tail with a little research on Coyote non-events or pester a veteran -- their stories must be more credible than any of my blather... See you on the dirt!!

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